Eugene Lorenzo Wilson, "Zo"

Eugene Lorenzo Wilson #187659; Columbia
Correctional Institution( CCI); PO Box 900; Portage, Wi 53901

Personal information:
Nickname: “ZO”; date of release: 2010; age: 42; race/tribe: Black, Latino; birthday: 7-21-63; Religion: non-denomination

Physical Description:
Height: 5’7”; weight: 75 lbs.; hair color: black; eyes: brown

Over-all description:
Family oriented, non-smoker, health conscious, romantic, athletic, good sense of humor, single, goal-oriented, spiritual, socially conscious, open-minded, fun-loving, caring, compassionate

Hobbies, interests:
Yoga, writing poetry, backgammon, cooking, playing basketball, writing books, listening to mellow jazz music, camping, horseback riding, fishing, also enjoy classic rock and roll, as well as old school r&b, I also enjoy studying history and numerology in my spare time. Favorite music artists: Prince, Marvin Gaye, Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis.
I am a former service man (army,) and am college educated.

I am looking for: I’m interested in developing a friendship with a woman who doesn’t necessarily have to share my goals and interests but who could none-the-less- appreciate a relationship built on trust, respect and communication. I’m a big believer in understanding as far as relationships go. I appreciate understanding because you so seldom find it. I feel that in order for me to truly enjoy the woman I am involved with she must have understanding, some education, plus the rare ability to appreciate a man that wants only her. Although I am not overly concerned about a woman’s outwardly appearance, to be very honest, I am attracted to voluptuous- sized women (think Cameron Manheim, Oprah Winfrey). However, I’ve learned that true beauty exists in a woman’s soul, not in her skin color, social status, or weight.

Poem by Eugene Lorenzo Wilson #187659, CCI


Can I shower U with my affection, or can we just B friends?
We’ll never know how it goes until the paper greets the pen.
Our thoughts start to blend, enlightening me delightfully spiritually like Zen.

Can U comprehend what it means 2 keep it real?
Let me understand your feelings like my name was Dr Phil.
2 keep it simple and plain I want to know your spirit
and share your pain, adapt to your moods without playing mind games.
Now this man’s a slowhand that never moves too fast,
I’ve gained knowledge and understanding from mistakes in my past.
I seek a queen who knows what it means to build a love that will last,
Unconditional devotion is worth more than cash.
4 as a rose needs the sun 2 bloom in spring’s air,
I do crave 2….that special one 2 show I care.
I promise 2 keep it honest and support your hopes and dreams,
Where other men have tore U down I’ll strengthen your self-esteem,
Appreciate your womanhood as God’s gift to me.
The last man you gave your hand left you mistrustful and cold,
I guess one man’s misfortune will be another man’s gold.
I’m that lover who seeks 2 discover the treasures deep within your soul.
4 get extreme makeover’s because you’re perfect the way U are
4 the same hand that created U, made the earth the moon and the stars,
Venus personified, truly woman U are.
Your face, race, or dress size is not really an issue,
I want a mature-minded woman because I’m more than superficial.
If it should B our destiny, 2 B 5 minus 3,
Then U can bet, my lady will get R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
4 a King without a Queen is simply a lonely man,
Emotionally out of touch, like arms without no hands, like sex without love,
Kisses with no hugs, a puzzle with a piece missing remains incomplete,
Unless true intimacy is share by each, unique when we reach,
The climax inside, savoring the ecstasy held in our lover’s eyes
viewing satisfaction suspended in time, is like 2 separate beings
thinking from one mind, this is the woman I hope to find., if my words appeal 2 U,
by all means, drop me a line!!

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