Leonard Cook

"Leonard Cook #511332"
Waupun Corr. Inst.
P.O. Box #351
Waupun, WI 53963

Welcome to my world, mi casa (LOL)! Please feel free to leave all your drama and your worries, and your stress at the door because you've now entered a stress free zone! If you're looking for a place where the frowns are almost non-existent, and the smiles are plentiful, well this is the place for you mami!

That's right Mami, as in ladies only! A lil bit about the owner of this fine establishment: I'm 6 "2", a lil over 200 Ibs, light-skinned, with brown eyes. I'm not that bad looking if I say so myself. I enjoy almost anything positive, I have no time at all for negativity, I'm about growth and prosperity. I believe in meeting people where they're at oppose to where I feel they should be in life, so I try hard not to be, too judgmental.

You can let your hair back with me, your secrets are safe here! I love to laugh, I feel life is too short for all that other stuff, but I can be serious and laugh too. I'm very open minded, and understanding to just about everything except lies and B.S. Whoever said lies and love mix was lying. I feel like if we're as close as we think we are, then we shouldn't have to B.S. one another. If you want real, you have to give the real right? I also enjoy good conversation as I said, I'm very open minded, so try me! I enjoy listening to music, writing, reading, and hanging out with my kids. I only have two. I'm loyal, trustworthy, and a very honest individual, so if I can't expect the same in return, there's no need in wasting each other's time.

I'm not so much concerned about what's on the outside as I am on what's on the inside, so ask yourself, is it in you? I know it's in me! If any of this interests you, feel free to get at me at the above address...
"Food for thought"-The need for change is obvious, but the prospect of altering the rules you live by is frightening...
Sincerely, Leonard