Derrick Howard

Derrick Howard #325011
LA State prison
Angola, LA 70712

Introduction of Myself
My name is Derrick Howard, but my friends and Associates refers to m e by my nickname which is “DaBoo.”
I am a native of New Orleans , LA- Born-N-Bred. I am 34 years 5/8; 175 lbs, solid born under the zodiac sign of Gemini; Brown skin complexion.

Been confined behind bars 12 years. I was sentenced to serve 15 years, the court vacated that and multiple bill me. Now the law has changed and was made retroactive to everyone K.S. 15:529.1 A) (1)(b)(ii) has been ameliorative by the enactment of K.S. 15:308 with the passing of Act NO 45 of the 2006 legislative session.

I have a non violent offense, under the new law it requires three violent crimes in order to be considered a habitual offender, but the court’s giving me a hard time, which if I had some outside help I would ‘ve been home since they passed the law 2006.

That’s why I am seeking help. I’m in njeed of regaining my freedom. As we know, blessings come in all shapes, forms and fashions and I’m looking to receive mine as well .

Thank you.