Arthur Boose

Arthur Boose #1-6446
Po Box 900
Portage, Wi 53901
Hi, my name is Arthur. I’m a 44 year old, proud, strong, intelligent man. I search for knowledgeable, strong, keen and curious females of all races, to share a smile, laughter and inspiration. Tonight I cast out my fishing line in hopes of catching a mermaid, let me enchant and serenade you with my poetry of fire and sea. Woman overcome men with the strength she takes from him. And without you my star will fall from heaven and tumble to the earth with a loud clamor, as I live throughout my daily resurrection without you, you are my vanity and ego, thunder declares your arrival; and the rain announces your departure. When you smile my heart sing. When you laugh I hear music, you’re my virtue, my infinity, you’re my destiny, my beginning, my end.
Note: Prisoners do not email or internet access.
Send your letter to the address listed at top of post.
If you would like us to send your first letter, send your letter to FFUP at
swansol@mwt.net. Make sure you give us your “snail mail “ address so the prisoner can write you back .
You are always welcome to yuse our post office box as your forwarding address. Just make sure you give us your real address so we can send the prisoner’s reply to you. Our PO BOX :
PO Box 285
Richland Center, WI 53581
We are always available if you have questions, problems, or comments

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