Vernard Davis

Vernard Davis 1097819
Wynee Unit
810 FM 2821
Huntsville, TX 77342
Dear Reader:
My name is Vernard Davis. I’m 24 years old. I weigh 164. I work out pretty often so I’m in nice shape. I’m not big muscular, I’m male, slim, muscular. I have a nice dark skin complexion. To be honest and not egotistic, I don’t have a problem attracting females. It just that I haven’t attracted the right one yet. And most of the ones I’ve attracted, they’re more often than not just dating me because they think I’m cute, not really getting to know me. That’s why I want to start something with someone I meet while I’m in here. I feel like a woman who gives me a chance while I’m at my lowest (incarcerated) is a woman I can really see myself with IN LIFE. If you’re wondering why I’m incarcerated, I’m here for assault of a public servant. I’ve been here since the age of 15. My sentence is now almost over . All I have left is 2 years. I can get out earlier via parole but they have to let me go in 2 years. If you want to know more about why I’m locked up, feel free to ask when you write.
Career wise, I’m somewhat of a diverse person. When I was in the world I had attended acting school so that was what I was doing before getting incarcerated. Since being locked up, I’ve discovered a few talents I didn’t know I possessed. Writing and music. So far I have over eight books written. I’ve also completed a small business management course and I plan to implement that by opening a publishing company. ( so I can publish my own works). Well I hope to hear back from you soon. Friend or otherwise.

Take care.

Note: Prisoners do not have email or internet access.
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