Kennedy Minnifield

Kennedy Minnifield #130651
Holman Unit 3700
Atmore, Ala. 36503

I Kennedy Minnifield is writing in big hope by putting my ad on website that someone will find it in their heart and mind to write me.
I am single with no kid at all and I am 41 years old. Am seeking and looking for real and true friend if nothing else.
I am praying that God will bless me with someone special in my life, to love me and cope about me:
I have lost all of my family and friends and I am all alone with no one in my life and I am so very lonely now. My mother and father have all pass away. I am hoping and praying to find someone we grow together and build a very special friendship and find someone will accept me for me, Someone will open they heart for me and give me a chance and find time for me as well. Anyone is welcome to write me: The door is open for everyone because I am lonely. Please send a picture when write. To a new beginning.


John Nicholas said...

My name is John Nicholas and would like to communicate with Kennedy Minnifield. My address is 1541 E. 33rd Ave.-Hobart, IN 46342. 219-962-9717 is my number and would like you to contact him. I will write if he writes me. I am an honest person looking for a true friend, no games. I would be willing to help him out in whatever he may need. No one should be alone. I hope to be his link to outside life. He is cared for. Hope to hear from Kennedy soon

Anonymous said...

My name is John Nicholas and my address is 1541 E. 33rd Ave.-Hobart, IN. 46342. My number is 219-962-9717 and I want to adopt Kennedy and let him know he is not alone and won't be again. No one should be alone and no one should go through this alone. If, in fact, he is to come home I would extend my home to him after we establish our friendship. Legal and financial help would also be something I would be interested in doing for Kennedy. Hope to hear from him soon. Much love and God's blessings always. John