Joey Torrey

Joey Torrey
V-21699 : B10-150L
Mule Creek State Prison
Post Office Box 409040
lone, California 95640

Hello from California! My name is Joey Torrey, and to date I have been incarcerated for 30-years. I an currently eligible for parole and awaiting a release date of 5/4/11. After this long and arduous journey, with both of my parents passing away, and old friends moving on in life, the silence is deafening! And in a solitary existence, and at the age of 43, I must reach out and begin anew, even if I still feel 21; (LOL) Sadly, I have not received Mail in Months.

I am 5'9", 240 Ibs. Puerto Rican and Siciliano, born in Brooklyn NY. raised in Southern California. I work out every morning and meditate every evening praying for mail. I'm old school and lost in a time of love, compassion, kindness and being honest and open. I am "hoping" for anyone to write who is looking for a friend. I'm about my music: Luther, Pac, Biggie, Bebe & Cece, Miles and Jazz/Salsa. I live in a drama free zone, so bring the real Ma! (Suki, Suki, now)(smile).

I arrived in prison at the young age of Eighteen. So at this point in my life, being real is all I know (So be tender) I spend my days drawing portraits and these days listening to Miles Davis and doing a lot of reflecting about being free. Loneliness is not a good companion, I am optimistic and feel that the best is yet to come! "HOPE" is an amazing thing my friend. I have the "HOPE" that someone special will drop in and write me. I have been Bamboozled, and yet I pray with a ton of hope that the best is yet to come! I am Inimitable; but stay with this smile on my face! Stay positive and thank you for your time! Holla back now, (smile)
DOB : 5/04/60
Eye color : Green
Hair color:BROWN
Convicted: Murder
Release: Pending
Interested In? Spiritual-Real Friend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joey

I am Roddy Duplessis, I am from johannesburg, south africa.

I find it interesting to communicate to someone in prison.

I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and would like to have bible discussions with you.

I am certain you are thrilled that you are being released.

You must start reading the bible (if you haven't already) and get to know Jehovah our Creator/Heavenly Father.

It is now our Memorial month where we celebrate the death of our King Jesus Christ.

Jehovah loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten son as a ransom sacrifice for all of his human creation. So that we can all get everlasting life if we take in knowledge of Jehovah and His son Jesus Christ. (John: 17v3)

I truly hope to hear from you Joey.


9 Boxer Street
South Africa

Anonymous said...

This is my email address:

Roddy.duplessis@yahoo.com (for Joey Torrey)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are keeping the faith and not giving up. I have wrote to you many of times and you have replied back until I got caught up with life and depression set in and I stopped.
But would like to say to you and anyone who reads this is that you are a great guy.Huggs to you....Pamela