Johnny Jones

Johnny Jones #408983
WCI; PO Box 351; Waupun, Wi 53963

What I See

With my eyes closed I can see we have a chance to discover ecstasy but clouds of doubt have made you blind, so you are afraid of the emotions that you may find. I know that you been hurt before ( we all have) but this is no excuse for one to ignore the seed that cupid planted in hopes that we would sow. This infatuation deserves to breathe, so why not let it grow? A neglected flower will wither and on its own it will surely die, but with honesty, passion and a mutual respect, we can soar beyond the sky, so please accept the rhythm of you heart, believe in eternal happiness though we cannot see what lies within the dark..

My name is Johnny. I’m a 29 year old Leo(8/9/78). I’m seeking a long term friendship, open and honest dialogue. Serious responses will be answered. PS , A picture says a thousand words.

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