Antoine Nelson

Antoine Nelson #250267
WSPF; PO Box 9900
Boscobel, Wi 53805

Title: I’m tired of being lonely.

Vitals: 6ft,1 inches tall
205 pounds
brown eyes
DOB 9/5/77
My name is Antoine Nelson and I’m an incomplete man who’s searching for the comfort of companionship from a strong, independent, open minded woman. I’ve been in prison for the last 8 years. It has been a very lonely road for myself by choice. Due to the circumstances that have landed me in this predicament of confinement. I’m an innocent man fighting to prove my innocence and this fight has consumed my full attention.
These years have been a struggle for me in more ways than one. But I’ve come to realize that I can only do so much alone and I need to find that special woman to help extinguish this loneliness I have been dealing with over the time of this incarceration. I was raised to believe that a man is a rock and should be able to stand alone no matter what life throws his way; Never accepting help form others. Just leaning upon my lonesome soul for support.
Boy, was I ever wrong! I need and want the support and love of a woman. You may be wondering why and what I’m in prison for. It would like me too long in this profile to breakdown the circumstances on my conviction. But when you choose to write I will share everything. For now I will give you insight on who I am and what I want and need in a woman.
Who Am I?

I am a dedicated , sincere, honest, understanding, intelligent, open-minded man looking for his better half. I am kind, loving, giving and supportive.; I am sensual and always aware of my woman’s needs , wants and desires. I recognize that in a relationship it’ s not all about me. I like reading, sports, playing chess, working out, having intellectual conversations, doing and studying law.
Due to my situation, I’ve become quite good at law. Because of my financial situation I cannot afford an attorney. So I was forced to learn; which I am grateful for! A negative has been turned into a positive.
Over these years I have come to realize that true beauty is not what a woman looks like ion the outside. It’s what she made of inside. I look within a woman because that’s where the real substance is. I am not a charity seeker or someone with an ulterior motive. In am transparent and I hope to convey this through my openness and straightforwardness.
I am blessed to have a loving family by my side but I am sure you can imagine, Family can only do so much in making my spirit feel whole and complete. I have a humble personality and Christian values. I have never been married. I have no children but I adore them .
If I sound like a man you would like to know, please write me at the address below through snail mail. I won’t get the e-mails in my position.

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