James Schmeisser

James Schmeisser #299335

Waupun Correctional Institution
PO Box 351
Waupun, Wi 53963

Religion: Christian;
6’ ft tall , 200 lbs solid muscle
eye color :dark brown
Birth date: 9-18-80
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
release date: 2010
Hello to those who are caring, loving and understanding.
I am at this time under considerable distress due to my current situation.
I'm isolated for 24 hours a day 3 days a week and 23 hours 4 days a week .
I have no family support, moral suport, friend support etc. As most people, I've made mistakes and my kids and I have suffered and I actually don't know what I do. The devil has been actively destroying everyone and everything in my life Including my attempts to be a better man. My back is against the wall and truly I'm suffering mentally, emotionally and physically. I'm currently housed in the segregation unit where I've been for 18 months. I need help badly, structure, a family, friends who'll understand me and my present situation.
I am a good person and very open minded. I'm loyal, charming, funny, understanding, goal oriented man who's in love with life and one who has curiosiry about the world. I'm honest also. I wirte alot of poems, music, books short stories etc. I have goals. ideas and aspirations I want to share with someone who is willing to listen.
I'm williing to correspond and hear from women anywhere on God's green earth. Race is not important nor age, 18 and up. Please take some time to write me a few lines. I'll be waiting...

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Anonymous said...

jim this your uncle i just got out a couple of weeks ago get at me soon at 512 west 34th ashtabula ohio 44004 i know the feeling being there ya dig. just keep your head up cuzz.prayerfully you'll get out and come this way

clarence said...

did u get my email nephew

Anonymous said...

im getting the tv .im just getting school clothes and we moving to the yo.next week . i tired to take your mom but she aint with it

Anonymous said...

nephew i aint forgot about you trust me i will get asp. i just ran into something

Anonymous said...

i the name for the tv bcuzz we was moving . try 4409987801 and 440 5360403 ,leroy 4409921444

Anonymous said...

did u get your tv already? this your uncle.i just send you some money