Bernard Wells

Mr Bernard Wells #228681
NLCI PO Box 4000
New Lisbon, Wi 53950

My Introduction
I'm Bernard Wells, I'm 5"11, I weighs at 285 Ibs, I'm 42 years
young that'll be 43 June 11th. I'm a Gemini, I'm a brown complexion
black man, I have dark brown eyes, I have long eyelashes, I have long three tone hair-black,gray, and turning gray, I have two daughter bv the same lady but their mom have married another man, I like too make peoole laugh, I love too make that special and beautiful lady blushes so beautifully, I like to draw but I can not draw that well. I love too write soulmate poems. I’m very creative and talent that is going too waste, I'm a very great listener, a very unstandable man, I am not a racial person or judgmental, I’m only made for one woman only, I love to give my mate her true inner code name that'll keep her in tune with her inner self at all time, I love too write short horror story and a little short romance story, I am not a liar-cheater,hitter, or a betrayer, I'm very much single, I'm Mr Eternitv that's searching for my Ms Infinity, I love too show affection to my mate at home as well in public, I love to cuddle,go to movies, stay at home and do things, travel,do things as a couple, I'm a 100 % man at all time with my mate and I'll give her my 100 % at all time no matter what, I know how to cook (burn) not the type of burn that other will think-smile-, I'm a southern man that have a southern up bringing, I have the utmost respect for each and all, I know how to treat my companion like a Princess, Queen,Lover,and a soulmate as she suppose to be treated, I have a good sense of humor, I love all kind of music just as long as it have some special meaning in it, my voice is a little strong and deep, I don't have no secrets or skeleton, age do makes a different and I prefer the age of 30 years young to 60 years young always at her heart, size and color doesn't scare me at all and neither do her height, and last but least I'm a good heartfelt person that truly do have life but need that love to make it complete.
End of MY Intro."

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